Monday’s Manicure…

It’s Monday. I had one of those weekends where it was rainy and grey and that made me feel grey on the inside too, but I was semi-productive and I updated the site. I hope you like the changes and there’s still more work to do, but I’m doing it all slowly in pieces. Now on to today’s manicure, Lippmann Collection in ‘Don’t Tell Mama,’ a shimmery blue/green color.

This is the first time I’ve reviewed a Deborah Lippman Collection color, only because they’re $18 a bottle (in the same league as Rescue Beauty Lounge colors). This photo makes it look black but really, it’s a gorgeous shimmering teal. What I’ve also learned is that the more expensive a polish it, the better it covers and lasts. This polish lasted chip free for 7 days. I had minimal wear at the tips and when I painted my nails, it glided on flawlessly. If I could I would buy ALL the Lippmann Collection colors, they’re very unique and lots of them are very sparkly.

Have any of you tried a Lippman Collection color? What’s your favorite?

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