What Did I Do This Weekend?…

This weekend I was supposed to go hear a Q&A with Christian Louboutin at Neiman Marcus but it was rainy and Tyson’s Corner is so far from my house. So I cleaned up my house and then I saw on Twitter that a few bloggers I met when I was in NY for the Vivienne Tam HP Mini Meet-up were in DC for a launch of Windows 7. So in 7 minutes I got out of my pajamas and I got dressed and went to the Best Buy at Potomac Yard and in addition to meeting up with Gear Diary I got to meet Sleepy Floyd, a retired NBA player. Can I tell you that this man smelled heavenly? There’s nothing better than a black man that smells fantastic. I got a picture, an autograph and a few moments with a very nice man. I didn’t pick up Windows 7 for my husband (he actually needs a new laptop) but if anyone else did let me know what you think about it. I’m very curious.


P.S. Have you completed my reader survey yet? I’ve got a great prize I’m giving away to anyone who fills it out!

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