What I Want Wednesday…

What do I really want this Wednesday? Lots of things. Some I can’t say because I never know who might be reading this and I don’t want to get in trouble. I’d like a bag of candy corn and not 1 but 2 CVS stores on my block didn’t have a single bag yesterday! I also want lots of money…but who doesn’t?

One thing I can say is that I really want is for you to fill out my reader survey! It makes me happy to read the comments and ideas for the future and I really am listening to you, I promise. And you’ll get to win a pretty good prize that I’m keeping a secret (it’s one of my favorite products!). Plus, I see all of you are looking at it, but there are lots of you not filling it out – don’t try to play me! HA!

But what’s really on my radar for this What I Want Wednesday?
I’m kind of loving the Gap’s, yes, I said Gap, Wool-blend duffle bag in red. I browse the Gap by my office when I want to get out of my office during lunch time and this bright red bag made me smile. I love the wooly texture and feel, it makes it such a wintery bag but it also makes it sturdy and durable.

I love the punch of cherry red in a sea of black bags that I see on my morning commute. Winter is dreary and blah enough, add a punch of color to help brighten up your day. Instead of being ordinary, try going for something a bit more extraordinary.


0 thoughts on “What I Want Wednesday…

  1. Every now and then, GAP will come out with something I just *have* to have too. This bag is a good choice. I second your need for it. I usually get sucked in my their scarves….

    p.s. I’m a new-ish subscriber and I played along with the survey! šŸ™‚

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