Don’t Be Tardy For The Party…


Yup, I was Kim Zolciak from Real Housewives of Atlanta for Halloween and as I promised when I gave you a sneak peek I’ll let you know how I made the magic of Kim happen.stages
Here’s my makeup. Step 1 is my naked face, Step 2 is basically a blank canvas prepped with concealer and foundation, and Step 3 is the eye makeup, blush and lashes. I used the following products:


The bling was all my own. I figured the more the better and honestly, I could’ve used more. The bracelets are just fun rhinestone ones I picked up from Walmart. The rings are all rings I’ve found along the way, my husband gave me his Fossil watch with a Swarovski Crystal face because he noted Kim always wears a huge watch that’s very blinged out. And the heart pendant is my favorite piece that my husband gave me a while ago. Who doesn’t love blinged out jewelry?

The wig was fun and I walked around with a wine glass and a cigarette all night. I got a prize for the most original costume of the night. I had an absolute blast.

How was your Halloween?

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