Monday’s Mascara…

Today I want to talk about a new drugstore brand, Hard Candy (@HeresHardCandy on Twitter). You may remember Hard Candy cosmetics with their funky nail polishes and glittery makeup from back in the day. They’ve now moved to Walmart and are at a great price point. I had to go to Walmart the other day (I hate going because it’s always chaos and the lines are ridiculous) so to make my trip worth it I had to swing by the makeup isle and see what Hard Candy was all about.

I’d definitely recommend this line for teenagers or for people who like to have fun with their makeup. Trust me, this isn’t for the faint at heart. There’s lots of color and lots of glitter and sparkle – just my kind of makeup line. I decided to try the Hard Candy Curl Up and Dye Curling Mascara in Nite, a deep green that’s borderline teal.

I love a colored mascara and these pack a lot more punch colorwise than some of the brands. I paired this green mascara with green liner for a bit of fun and it really added some wow factor to my eyes (my friend told me my lashes were poppin’ a la NeNe from Real Housewives of Atlanta). I also thought it really separated my lashes and lengthened them. There wasn’t any clumping and I was overall very pleased with the results, especially for $6! If you’ve been afraid of trying a higher priced brand colored mascara, I’d definitely suggest adding this one to your drugstore list. I’m curious what the vivid purple would look like, I might need to pick that one up next. You can also check out the rest of the Hard Candy line on the Walmart website.


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