The Art of…{Style Cynics}


The Art of… is a monthly series featuring various people and what inspires their style…
Name: La Fashionista
Age (if you dare)/Astrological Sign:
32 / Libra
Writer, Editor, Blogger
City of Residence: Somewhere in the good ol’ US of A
Twitter: @StyleCynics

What’s your favorite color?
Pink, although for some strange reason, I’m currently obsessed with orange, a color I used to hate.

What are your 3 favorite accessories and why?
My pink trench coat, because everyone needs a good trench coat, and well, it’s pink!
My Kate Spade Tarrytown Quinn handbag, for its classic lines and the way it goes with nearly every piece of clothing I own. Also, I have a little designer crush on Kate.
OPI nail polish in Prune Danish on my toes. I never go bare toed! It’s discontinued now, so I use it for about every third pedicure. I’m running out!

What is the one accessory you can’t live without?
Does a laptop count as an accessory? (YES! I believe my TamTam is an accessory) I think it should these days, especially since they now come in so many colors and designs. I can work from anywhere with it, stay connected to family and friends, and feed my Twitter addiction. I’d be lost without my laptop!

What’s your style inspiration?
Anyone who wears something unconventional and is totally at ease in it, not caring what the trends are or if it’s popular. That said, there are exceptions. Hammer pants? Uh, no. There’s a difference between unconventional and just ridiculous. Stop with the Hammer time.

What do you splurge on?
Shoes, shoes, and more shoes. I have pairs I’ve owned for years and have yet to wear. They’re too pretty—I don’t want to get them dirty! Seriously, I need to have a shoe museum or something.

What is your favorite gift to give?
I know it will sound lazy or unimaginative to some people, but a gift certificate, because it’s also my favorite gift to get. I’m very particular about what I wear, from clothing to shoes to perfume, so I’d rather just be able to pick them out myself. I think it’s like giving someone possibilities rather than an errand if they have to return whatever you got them because it doesn’t fit or they just don’t like it. Takes the pressure off everyone. Plus, then you get to go shopping!

What are you currently obsessed with? (accessory, person, tv show…whatever)
I’d have to say it’s the Vivienne Tam HP Mini featured right here on The A of A recently. I can’t stop looking at it! My laptop is still fairly new, and I keep imagining it having some sort of “accident” so I’ll have an excuse to get the Mini!
Other than that, it’s trying to become a better blogger, learning what works and what doesn’t, and improving those skills, and my site, as much as possible.

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