What I Want Wednesday: Help Me Win!

My entry was one of the randomly chosen entries for the Get ‘Em Girl Delicious Giveaway and I have a chance to win a very covetable Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer in Majestic Yellow (which would look soooooo good in my kitchen.
So what I need you to do is click on the next link and Vote for me (Dana), PLEASE!!!



In order to enter I had to tell one of my favorite holiday memories and share a recipe. I shared my memory of my first Christmas in my house with my husband and both of our families and my recipe for the very covetable brownie cookies or brookies as my friends like to call them. I thin it’s so ironic that today is the day I was notified that I was up for voting because my husband is going on a 2 week trip abroad for work and I’m already missing him like crazy. He’s my family and he means the world to me, so read my story (pay no attention to the other memories on there), just scroll down to the bottom because I’m the last one and vote for me every day! Tweet this, blog it, email it…just help me out. PLEASE! Tell everyone you know! And if I win, I might send you a batch of the brownie cookies that I listed with my entry.


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