Fierce Style and Christian Siriano

Tuesday night I went to an event at the Corcoran Gallery of Art to hear Christian Siriano (@csiriano on Twitter) of Project Runway fame speak. If you don’t know Christian and all of his fierceness, I don’t know what rock you’ve been hiding under. He’s a fabulous fashion designer, has a line of shoes and accessories at Payless, recently unveiled a collaboration with Starbucks AND he wrote a book! I loved Christian the moment I saw his first design on Project Runway and his sparkly personality and energy made me swoon even more – hearing him speak made me want to put him in my pocket and carry him around all day long. I want him to be my BFF, he’s just that wonderful, silly and fun. In fact, I feel like we’re practically BFF’s since he thought my cousin and I had on super cute outfits (he told us so).
First of all, he’s a lot of personality in a slim package wearing fabulous Prada boots (of course I had to ask). DSCN1376 HE DOESN’T STOP MOVING! So I feel like all of my photos were a blur. He’s like a fashion fairy buzzing about. I loved it. What I’ve been loving even more is his book, Fierce Style|How to Be Your Most Fabulous Self. It’s written in Christian’s tone, fun, light and with a quick whit. It’s filled with photos, tips, Christian’s dos and don’ts and a dictionary to help you decipher his Christianisms (ferosh, fierce, tranny mess…). I love his anecdotes and the overall message of loving your fierce self. It isn’t all about labels and wearing the most expensive thing you can, but more about finding what works and makes you feel like a fabulous you. I’m all for that!

Totally loved meeting Christian Siriano and love seeing this 23 year old designer slowly become a huge fashion powerhouse.


0 thoughts on “Fierce Style and Christian Siriano

  1. Can I say how jealous I am?! Seriously I love him. Love him, love him, love him. I totally want and need his book and I wish I could afford to buy everything he makes.

  2. I love that you said he’s a fashion fairy! I feel like he’s like Tinkerbell. You looked great DWJ in the photo too. Love the outfit.

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