Friday’s Fabulousness

In the summer Zoya Nail Polish {@Zoya_NailPolish on Twitter} ran a contest to get followers and when they reached their magic number all of their followers could get free nail polish. When that happened, I order a Zoya Hot Lips in Purr along with my pretty polishes (that’s how they suck you in).

Purr is a deep mauve almost purple shade of lipgloss that’s sheer and feels like a lip balm when applied. It isn’t sticky at all and it gives me just the right hint of color. It also smells a little bit like candy…mmmm. I love it but I thought I’d share this as today’s Friday’s Fabulousness because Zoya is giving you the chance to get 3 tubes of Hot Lips (any shade) for free!
All you have to do is follow them on Twitter and if they reach 100,000 followers by November 11, 2009 all of their followers will get the code to get 3 free Hot Lips (shipping and handling will apply). That’s a pretty great deal though! So follow them and follow me too while you’re signing up.

Also, don’t forget you still have the chance to win the fabulous makeover in the MAGnificent Makeover Sweepstakes with Maghound and People StyleWatch AND I need you to keep voting for me in the Get ‘Em Girl Delicious Giveaway (VOTE Dana and tell everyone you know). For both contest you can enter once a day everyday. Tell everyone you know, okay?! And help me win because 1. I blog for your enjoyment everyday 2. I’m sad because my husband is far, far away on business for 2 weeks and 3. because I left a really amazing recipe for cookies.

Have a great weekend ladies!

0 thoughts on “Friday’s Fabulousness

  1. First) People it really is a great cookie recipe

    Second) There are too many choices in the lip glosses, can you pick my three for me please?

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