Monday’s Manicure

For this Monday’s Manicure, I’m doing something different. I tried out China Glaze’s (@ChinaGlaze on Twitter) Atlantis nail polish, a glitter aqua shade. What I did a bit differently was add the Magic Matte Top Coat by China Glaze on top. I’ve been waiting a while to get the top coat and it finally came in stock in a little bottle at my local Sally Beauty Supply Store.
I should’ve taken a before picture because Atlantis is a glittery and sparkly shade of aqua. Very bright and bold, but the moment I put on the matte top coat it totally transformed into a new look. The matte top coat made the glitter look like frozen bits of glass under a veil of deep aqua. It was pretty cool and despite how quickly matte polishes chip, the matte top coat didn’t chip as fast as the matte polish did. I’m inclined to buy matte top coats instead of matte polishes because I can turn any color I already have into a matte instead of having to buy a new manicure wardrobe.

So what do you think about the matte? Do you like it? Thoughts?

0 thoughts on “Monday’s Manicure

  1. Thank you for this one! I have been wanting to try out a matte color, but I couldn’t decide on one. Just a few questions, is this meant to go on top of any polish or is it best over CG polishes (I will buy a CG color if you tell me I need to ;> )? how long will it go unchipped or does it depend on your under-color brand?

    • You can use this top coat over any polish and Essie makes a top coat and Rescue Beauty Lounge. This was the first top coat I finally found in a store in MD so I grabbed it! My manicure lasted about 4 days and I chipped a single nail but it wasn’t a horrible chip like when I wore just a matte nail polish, so I was very happy with the results on this one. I’m going to try using it again next week to do another test, so I’ll definitely let you know how it works out.

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