How To Accessorize | With Belts

One of the things you guys asked for a lot in the reader surveys was for me to show more examples of how I accessorize in my life. One of the things I think I do the most is wear belts over cardigans. It’s my favorite thing to do to define my waste (and I have a little bit of a tummy…) and add a little bit more definition to dresses that may be loose or need a little bit more shape.

Accessorize it with:
I also realize I have a pattern. I belt cardigans with a medium sized belt and I do a large necklace that drops down to or right above the belt. I like to leave the cardigan open most of the times but sometimes I’ll close it but I like to leave it open to show off more color or cleavage 😉 If you’re not into necklaces try adding a great brooch/pin to your cardigan or dress. It adds another ladylike touch to it.

How to wear it:
When belting a cardigan, shirt or dress you should place the belt above your natural waistline. At first this can seem a bit weird but you’re cinching in the smallest part of your body underneath your chest around your rib cage. It will make you look a little slimmer, I promise. You also want to pick the right size belt. If you have larger breasts you should go for a medium sized belt, anything to slim will just disappear under your chest. If you’re very petite a belt that is too large can overwhelm your frame and make your proportions appear distorted. Try on tons of belts, see what works for you. Try different patterns, textures and definitely colors. I love doing a contrasting color to what you’re wearing so the belt really pops against what you’re wearing.

Belts are great accessories. You can change how your silhouette looks just by adding that one detail. Not sure how to pick one, or where to start? I suggest a dark medium sized belt with a patent leather detail. Forever 21 has a huge selection of fun belts and they are so inexpensive!
This navy patent waist belt is under $5! You can’t not jump on this trend when it’s so inexpensive.

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  11. Ever since I’ve seen First Lady Michelle Obama wearing belts over everything, I’ve been crazy about this look and have even been wearing belts myself, when that was never even “my style” at all, but it really works!! It shapes your body, stretches your legs and it gives you an instant fashionable look : ) Love to see it here spotlighted in this post!!

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