Want I Want Wednesday

purple keds
This Wednesday I want comfort shoes and Keds (@keds on Twitter) has hooked me again with a cute pair of sneakers.

The Keds Savanna Plum Velvet Slip On is not only super cute for winter, but it’s sustainable style. I recycle, I work in an office that is a LEED Silver in design, and I try to do little things at home and when I shop (I heart organic) when I can because this is the only Earth we’ve got. If you saw Michael Jackson’s This Is It I was amazed and loved how into the environment he was and how he was trying to spark interest in saving the Earth through his music.

What I think is great about the Keds Green Label and these particular shoes is that they have:

  • Organic cotton velvet uppers
  • Recycled rubber (20% recycled rubber in the outsoles)
  • Colors made from non-toxic inks & dyes that help decrease the harmful impact to the atmosphere

Adding the sustainability factor to super cute comfortable Keds slip ons makes them twice as nice. I like heels and boots but I love great sneakers too and the deep purple velvet is divine to me (they also come in black and grey). As it’s getting colder I’m craving more comforting things and these are definitely on my winter wish list. What’s on yours?


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