Luxurious Legwear

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Remember my post about accessorizing with tights? Well, I’ve found other tights that will put your HUE tights to shame. For $52 you can purchase the very sexy Cynthia Rowley studded tights. Black tights with studded details down the front panel of the leg. These would be beyond fierce with a black pencil skirt and sky high heels, no? I think I love them so much because I own a pair of black heels that look almost identical to the ones the model is wearing but I’m sure they cost me a fraction of the price.

And if you really want to bring the holiday bling to your office Christmas party, stun everyone in a pair of $250 Cynthia Rowley Embellished Tights. Black tights with heavy beaded embellishment down the front are simply stunning. These are a knockout! Now they would cost more than the dress I was probably wearing but you can’t say these aren’t amazing. My husband is an engineer and all the engineering wives at our holiday parties wear black and grey and I stick out like sore thumb with my bright color. At least I could be subdued in my neutrals and still knock them all out with these tights. The only problem I have with both of them is that they come in one size fits all…and for that much money I need to know that they’re made to fit me! A girl can dream.


0 thoughts on “Luxurious Legwear

  1. First, while they are cute, they look like they would be SUPER itchy. Second, as a mother of a little baby, I know that he could not rest until he picked off ALL of my cute detailing. And, I’m not sure that my toddler would be able to leave them alone either…Sad, I know.

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