Friday’s Fabulousness

Happy Friday! So many announcements! Friday means I’m getting one step closer to my husband coming back from Tajikistan…WOOHOO! This Friday the 13th is also my sister Anne’s birthday! Happy birthday Anne! I’m also coming to the end of the contest cycle for me to win the Kitchenaid mixer! If you haven’t voted you have until 11:59pm on the 15th so plllllllease vote for me and tell your friends. I think it will be a battle to the end!

If you saw last week’s Friday’s Fabulousness about the Zoya Hot Lips, today is the last day to place your order and get 3 free Hot Lips glosses (you have to pay shipping and handling but click here for the details and the code). There are a lot of great colors and you could use them as stocking stuffers!

Speaking of stocking stuffers, next week I’ll start back up with my gift giving guide ideas. I’ll add anything gift worthy to the Gift Ideas category and I may even add that category to the top navigation on the site this weekend. So what am I actually talking about for this week’s Friday’s Fabulousness?
The first thing to be added to my gift giving list are the Gap’s slipper booties. I own them in green and gave out a few pairs last Christmas. They’re the best girlfriend gift or gift for a friend that you know loves lounging around the house. To me it’s another present to have on deck that’s a last minute thoughtful gift to share. I love them because they’re so cozy and warm, perfect for this yucky rainy weather we’re having in DC.

If you have something specific you’re looking for in the gift giving category feel free to email me your questions, or leave a comment and I’ll make sure to cover all the questions.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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