What I Want Wednesday

Right now I want sparkle and shine and the folks at Shoes.com {@shoesdotcom on Twitter} have been tempting me with all the fabulous new Chuck Taylors on their website! With the economy I know that my office isn’t doing a fancy holiday party and neither is my husband, but our friends and family still will and nothing says festive in a DWJ way than sequins, patent leather or animal print.

For a casual outfit or to add a little flair to something dressier I’m really wanting these Chuck Taylors:

  1. Converse Women’s C T AS Spec Ox in giraffe print
  2. Converse Women’s C T AS Spec Hi in tiger print
  3. Converse Women’s C T AS Spec Ox in zebra print
  4. Converse Women’s All Star 2 Strap Hi (comes in purple and navy)

I can’t decide if I love the giraffe or the zebra print low tops the most. All of the animal print sneakers are made with a silk upper (fancy) and clear sequins to add shine! The purple patent leather two straps are just too cool and give you an old school vibe that I can’t resist. Don’t worry, I know some of you will have holiday parties and I’ve got some great shoes in mind to feature in the next few weeks, but these are really what I want right now. Sneakers are my weakness.

Also, I’m kind of in love with the Shoe University section on the shoes.com website. Check it out to find out all kinds of information about shoes and how we wear them and to read their blog.

Save 15% off at Shoes.com with code FALL. Enjoy Free Shipping and Free Returns.


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