Friday’s Fabulousness

Friday! This has been a weird week and I JUST realized Thanksgiving is next week. Where did my November go?! If you didn’t see yesterday’s post, make sure you check out my video review for a chance to win a Bare Escentuals prize. It’s pretty easy and I was tweeted a few answers yesterday, but I want more! You can leave it in the comments section of that post, you can post it on the Facebook wall or you can tweet me with your answer. Even if you get it wrong you’re still entered to win.

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So this Friday’s Fabulousness is all about shoes and sparkle. Remember when I feel in love a long time ago with a pair of Louboutin peep toe sparkle filled heels? Well, I’m now in love with the much more affordable option, Chinese Laundry Ladybuy (the black version is a bit cheaper on

Sometimes I just want a little glitz and glam in my accessories (who doesn’t? If you don’t we need to talk…) and this shoe is perfect for that. I can see wearing it on New Year’s Eve with a great party dress or even with a great pair of black slacks, white button down and fab jewelry to a holiday party. And in a pinch…these would be even more glorious when jeans and a cute top. So many options for such a great shoe. I love the holidays just for the simple fact that they give me any reason to add sparkle to my life.

Have a great weekend everybody!


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