Friday’s Fabulousness

YAY! It’s Friday! I feel like this was the longest week ever, maybe because of the long holiday weekend last week and how busy I’ve been. In case you missed my post late last night check out the guest post I did for Latest Beauty on how to jazz up your holiday routine. There are so great tips and leave a comment!

Speaking of holiday, thanks for all of the positive tweets, comments and emails about the 2009 Winter Gift Guide! I see the interactive route is the way to go with you guys, clearly you are enjoying the format and I’ve had several folks tell me they’re ordering things from the list. How cool! That was the goal, to help with your holiday shopping. I’m glad I can help.

So today’s fabulousness is perfect for partying and I’m really thinking ahead to New Year’s Eve! I cannot resist the Sika Ankle boot from Forever 21. These are 4 inch sequin booties – perfect for a party, right?! And because they’re a Forever 21 shoe, they’re only $24.80. WHAT?! Insanity. I have no clue how comfortable they are but at $25 I could definitely drop that just to look super cute at a holiday party.

Have a great weekend everybody. I’m starting my Friday evening off by joining my sisters and our cousin Mark Thompson on Make It Plain {@makeitplain on Twitter} this evening: Sirius 146, 5-8p XM 167, 6-8p ET. Then when I get home the Hubby and I are going to go get a Christmas tree! I’ll be decking the halls this weekend and I can’t wait!

Have a fantastic weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday.

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