Monday’s Manicure | Green Perfection

Today I HAD to talk about China Glaze Emerald Sparkle {@ChinaGlaze on Twitter}. I won the Loves You Snow Much collection (that I also featured in the Gift Guide) in a Twitter contest and I had heard on all the nail polish blogs how Emerald Sparkle is THE green polish of a lifetime.


This is the second release of Emerald Sparkle, to me it was kind of like the unicorn of polishes.I had never been able to get my hands on a bottle and I really wanted one. I super excited when I won it and I was not disappointed. There’s no green like it. It’s a stunning deep green with lots of sparkle but it doesn’t leave a rough finish on the nail because of the jelly texture to the polish. I was wearing this on Friday and the man I was sitting next to suddenly blurted out, “hey, you’re nails are green!” HA! Even he noticed how fabulous they were, and told me they were very pretty.

If you love green and you want a fabulous polish, this is the color to get. I promise.


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