Quoted: Glamour Magazine

I was quoted in Glamour Magazine {@GlamourDotCom via Twitter} for the second time in my life…but not because of the blog. Nope, it was about love.

The first time I was quoted was March 2004 in an article about makeup and your makeup philosophy (do you wear too much, has your makeup changed). I talked about how I was more comfortable with my naked face after my husband told me how beautiful I was in the morning (awww…isn’t he the sweetest?).

In the January 2010 issue with Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover (she looks fabulous and sparkly throughout this issue by the way) I’m on page 66 talking about real life fairytales.
My husband is truly my real life prince charming. I’ve talked about him before and even shared our photos from our Las Vegas wedding in February. In this day of Tiger Woods scandals and call girls I’m happy to be loved by someone like Kenny and I couldn’t be happier to be his wife. It will be 7 years in 2010 and I truly believe 7 is a lucky number – perhaps even greater things will be in our future?!

I don’t have any secrets to our marriage or tips to give but I’d love to hear if you’ve found your prince charming too! Do tell in the comments section, I’d love to hear about it.


P.S. – I will be posting later this evening about the Target To-Go in DC, so check back later!

0 thoughts on “Quoted: Glamour Magazine

  1. I love my husband!!! Sometimes I look at him and the family that we’ve made and it literally takes my breathe away. It’s not easy, but I couldn’t pick a better person to fight with. AND I can’t believe it’s been almost 7 years…it seems like it was yesterday when you said you were going to wear your wedding dress to my wedding…no I didn’t forget.

  2. @Liz, WOW. I’m so sorry that your husband passed, but so glad that you had such a wonderful life with him. Thanks for sharing!

    @MK Aww…Michael sounds fabulous.

    @Salina, why do you we have to bring up old foolishness? I totally forgot about that!

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