Target To-Go!

DSCN1554 What is Target To-Go {@TargetToGoDC on Twitter and}? It’s a cool way to shop for the holidays in DC, NY and San Francisco and I got a chance to check it out early!

On Friday, December 11, Target To-Go will open to the public for three days only at M Street NW and Wisconsin Ave NW in Georgetown. They’ve selected 50 gifts from digital cameras, to jewelry, to robes, to the Rodarte for Target collection before it hits the stores (more on that in a moment)!

You step up to the line up and they hand you a clipboard and as you walk by the glass display cases to check out the goods you write down what you want, the quantity and sizes. When I got there, they handed me a gift card with a secret amount on it (turned out to be $25 – SA-WEET!) and a clipboard. I walked the isles and wrote down the latest Harry Potter DVD and the Rodarte for Target dress I told you about this week. I walked up to a register paid my balance and waited from my number to be called. When they called my number (by the way everyone was super nice and friendly…yet another reason why I heart Target so much) my 2 items were in soft Target wrapping sacks and placed in a reusable Target shopping bag! LOVE IT!

To kick off the event, Target will place approximately 500 oversized and easy-to-identify gift tags around D.C. For each gift tag returned to the Target To-Go store, Target will give the shopper a GiftCard worth anywhere from $10 to $500. The only way to know how much your GiftCard is worth is to take it to the Target To-Go store. For every GiftCard redeemed in the store, Target will donate $100 to The Salvation Army to benefit families in need.

Follow Target To-Go on Twitter {@TargetToGoDC} to get tips on where to find the gift cards all over the city. You all know how much I love a good scavenger hunt, so I think that makes this shop even more fun.

The things I loved about it were:

  • It’s easily accessible via the Circulator, my favorite bus in DC. It’s $1 and it stops almost in front of the To-Go shop at M Street & Wisconsin Ave.
  • They had 50 gifts that I’d actually give (kind of the like the things I featured on the 2009 Winter Gift Guide).
  • They have 3 dresses from the Rodarte for Target collection that won’t be in stores until the 20th!
  • It’s a pretty efficient system and an easy way to shop.
  • It’s Target. Nuff said.

What I didn’t love:

  • There aren’t unlimited amounts of everything, so if you’re going to snag a Rodarte you might want to go ASAP.
  • That if it’s cold, you might be waiting outside in the chill for a bit – and who really likes the cold?

I’ve embedded the rest of my photos from Flicker below and here’s a pick of me in my ribcage dress! I promise I’ll do a post about how I wear it. I’m seeing a turquoise layering tee, ankle booties and leggings in my future with this top. Oh and I bought the XL and I’m glad because it would not have fit if it was any smaller!

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