Friday’s Fabulousness

I’m always happy for Fridays and I have to tell you guys, I’m always appreciative of the readers of The Art of Accessories. You guys make my day and this blog brings me a lot of joy. Between the great folks I’ve met and the wonderful opportunities, I’m very thankful for you all and The Art of Accessories. Okay, now that I’ve gotten all mushy…on to the fabulousness.
This is too good a secret not to share today. If you haven’t subscribed to the Rescue Beauty Lounge email list, you’re insane – do it now. There’s a secret VIP sale next week! Tuesday, December 15th Noon to 5pm (EST) only. 50% off! Use Code “VIP 5 HOUR” at checkout. You know these fabulous polishes are normally $18 a pop, so if you’re looking for a decadent stocking stuffer – THIS IS IT!

You may want to refer back to my Monday’s Manicure Sparkle Edition and pick up a few of those sparkly goodies. I’m also a huge fan of Square Pants, Teal, and Recycle (one of the most perfect greens ever). Definitely check out all of the colors on the Rescue Beauty Lounge website. Start planning now for the sale!

Have a great weekend and while you’re at it…flip through my gift guide.

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