How To Accessorize | Rodarte DWJ’s Way

rodarteRemember the other day when I mentioned the Rodarte for Target ribcage dress I wanted? I grabbed it up as soon as I saw it at the Target To-Go store in DC last week and I’m so glad I did. First, I have to say thanks to everyone on Twitter and Facebook that told me how cute I looked in the quick picture I put up just to show everyone that I got it. I think it’s a combination of the dress and the new haircut that folks hadn’t seen but I’ll take all the compliments I can get.

So how did I style my Rodarte? I’m sure this dress is going to be a popular one and I wanted ways to make something so quirky and fun really look like it was a natural pick in my closet.

First look:

  • Black August Silk crew neck cardigan
  • Deep red Hue tights
  • Kenneth Cole knee high boots

Why? Treat this sequined number like any other shift dress but add a bit of color with the tights. It’s a lot of sparkle but it’s a classic shift dress shape, so it’s easy to find great pairings.

Second look:

  • Black cropped leggings from Target
  • Steve Madden ankle boots
  • Gap long short sleeved cardigan

Why? Make this pairing more casual and fun. Dress down the sequins and treat the dress like it’s a tunic. I’d even wear a pair of Chuck Taylors with this if I was running errands on the weekend. I’ll find any reason to add a bit of sparkle to my day.

Third look:

  • Gap layering T-shirt in turquoise
  • Swarovski heart pendant
  • Black tights
  • Steve Madden patent leather platform heels (not shown)

Why? I think this look would be the standard way I’d wear this. A great pop of color with a layering tee and I think adding the heart pendant to a ribcage dress is a bit ironic – NO?

I paired it all with a smokey eye with shades of deep green and a metallic chrome eyeliner on the lower rim of my eye. My goal is to play up the quirkiness and add a bit of extra fun with color. How do you think I did? Let me know in the comments section.

Oh and this post marks my 1,000th post on the Art of Accessories. I can’t believe it!

0 thoughts on “How To Accessorize | Rodarte DWJ’s Way

  1. Didn’t think I would care for that dress when you first talked about it but I think its kinda of neat. Just a little bit of unexpectantness really makes this dress work for you! Go Girl! Oh and by the way the 3rd look has got to be my fave!

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