Monday’s Manicure | Gorgeous Greens

DSCN1475As promised, here is the last set of fabulous nail colors for the holiday season, GREENS! Green is by far my favorite color and in the last two weeks you’ve seen festive reds and holiday neutrals so I had to end this series with my favorite color.

Top row from left to right:

  • Zoya Suvi: a deep dark green that’s almost black. It’s a safe bet if you aren’t ready to go full on green.
  • Sula Moss: it really does look like moss AND it’s a paint and peel polish, like my old school Hello Kitty polish!
  • Deborah Lippman Don’t Tell Mama: I love this deep glittering green that’s almost teal. It’s decadently beautiful.
  • Zoya Manhattan Mixer: not ready to go green? Add a bit of green sparkle to any color you’re already wearing with this sheer polish. You can even use it to jazz up your standard French manicure.
  • Essie Mint Green Apple: this pale green is a different twist on a holiday color but great if you’re trying to stand out.

Bottom row from left to right:

  • Rescue Beauty Lounge Locavore: a beautiful burst of glittery goodness.
  • China Glaze Watermelon Rind: this color really does look like a watermelon’s rind. It’s a great deep green with a subtle shimmer to it.
  • Sinful Colors San Francisco: I love the glittery goodness of this kelly green.
  • China Glaze Emerald Sparkle: if you really want your nails to sparkle this is the polish to pick. This is by far one of my most favorite greens EVER.
  • Rescue Beauty Lounge Recycle: a pure green creme that is a glossy deep forest green that applies like a dream (plus, Rescue Beauty is having a 50% off sale tomorrow…shhh!)

These greens are a great way to add a little holiday sparkle and color to your nails. I keep telling my husband I’m going to get poinsettias painted on my tips too…you know, to be festive. HA!

Happy Holidays!

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