Beauty Challenge, Want to Join Me?

I made one tiny resolution this year and I tweeted it, to wear more bold lipstick in 2010. I am always envious when I see other women wearing a great red, a deep coral or brightly pink colored lips and I’m standing there in my standard pink gloss with a bit of sparkle. I highly doubt I’ll ever get to the point where I have a signature color, I love options too much. BUT I want to make an effort and stop envying others lips when I have a great set of lips and a great stash of makeup myself.

Day 1

Day 1

So, for 2010 I’m doing a daily (at least Monday through Friday) beauty diary of my makeup. I want to help freshen up my beauty routine and try more things like winged eyeliner and bold blood red lips. Want to join me? If you do, I’ll create a group on Flickr and you can upload your images there too…who knows how many folks we can get. To start, here’s my Flickr set where I’ll add images (nothing fancy, sometimes from my BlackBerry and sometimes from my real camera) and I’ll do a weekly recap of my makeup from the previous week on the blog. No rules, just challenge myself to try harder all around. I can repeat but I want to wear red to uplift my spirits or winged liner and pink lips to get a bit wild. Plus, so many of you have asked me about my beauty routine it’s another way for me to share what I’m using (I’ll list the products used in the descriptions) and how it works for me.

If you want me to create a Flickr group leave a comment or email me at and I’ll set it up if I have 5 folks who also want to participate in my challenge.

A small resolution that might be really fun to accomplish, I’m excited!

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