I’m Back…Sort of

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a glorious break, I really didn’t do much over the break blog wise so I’ll be slowly easing myself back into my daily blogging routine. I was slacking…I know. It happens but at least I’m honest about it. December was a bit of an odd month, so I’m feeling a bit scattered going into the New Year. Not to worry, I’ve got goals and lots of ideas, I just still need more time to figure it all out and what’s the next step for this blog.

Last year was a great year for the Art of Accessories. I set some small goals for myself and achieved them and many more. What I hope to focus on for 2010 is to gain more readers and stronger content. Two small things that can mean a lot on a daily basis.

I do this blog because it brings me joy that I don’t get in other outlets of my life and the things that keep me going are great comments, lots of emails and tweets. So if you keep up your end of the deal, I’ll keep on blogging. Agreed? Great.

Happy New Year! I’m hoping that 2010 brings more wonderful opportunities for you and me.

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