Wish List | Hermes

Picture 2
Thanks for the kinds words on my bad day you guys, it made me feel much better. So what better to do when you’re a bit down in the dumps than surf for ridiculously expensive things that you know you willl probably never own. On my wish list today is a Hermes Enamel Tohu Bohu bracelet.

The first time I ever went into an Hermes store was when I was in London. I tried on so many bangles wishing and praying there would be a tag that said it was only $100…but I had zero luck. I adore the enamel bangles because they’re all so colorful and have some fantastic designs. The Tohu Bohu bangle is my favorite because of the color, it kind of reminds me of my very colorful home. BUT for $650 for the large bangle and $450 for the smallest version (I mean you’d want to stack them, right?) these will definitely stay on my wish list for a long, long time.

Perhaps one day I’ll make it big and buy myself one. I can be hopeful!

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