Friday’s Fabulousness

This is my first Friday’s Fabulousness in 2010, happy new year and happy Friday! Speaking of new year, I’ve started a group on Flickr for anyone who wants to join me on my 2010 Beauty Challenge. Just push yourself to try something new and make an effort beauty wise every day and share your photos! I’d love to see what you come up with. I’ll do a wrap up of what I did this week on Monday. I had some fun this week and even tried a really cool hot pink lip.

So what’s the first fabulous I’m bringing you in 2010? I thought since the 2010 Pantone color of the year is turquoise, why not introduce this bold color through great statement jewelry.
turqI think the Anthology Graduated Teardrop Necklace makes a perfect statement, don’t you? It also comes in Onyx, Carnelian, or Coral but these gorgeous shades of turquoise really are my favorite.

You can wear it now with your sweaters and it won’t get lost in the bulkier fabric and it’ll be beautiful as we move into spring with light weight T-shirts and tank tops. Oh…I’m so ready for spring. After 20 inches of snow in the DC area last month I’m ready for sunshine and warmth NOW!

Ladies, have a fabulous weekend and I will do the same. See you back here on Monday!


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