2010 Beauty Challenge: Week 1

week1Well I’m 1 week in to my new year’s resolution, the 2010 Beauty Challenge and if you want to join me you still can! Make it a challenge for any beauty thing you want to to try this year and add pictures to the Flickr group.

Last week I documented my makeup from Sunday through Friday (Saturday I stayed in bed all day long and didn’t put on a stitch of makeup. Yup, I was in total lazy bliss.), so what did I learn?

  • I don’t love taking pictures of myself. Sometimes depending on the angle I can have a very strong jaw or it appears my hair is mushed down even when it isn’t and one of my eyes is a bit bigger than the other so one eye looks surprised when the other eye isn’t. LOL. I’ll have to get over that if I’m going to keep this up.
  • That no matter what I wore, unless it was a deep red it didn’t show up as well on my Nikon. My Blackberry Storm took better pictures that showed some of the color better on my lips. So don’t think I cheated, I really did try.
  • Red and fuchsia are colors that I love the look of but require precise application, perfectly smooth lips, and continued touch-ups during the day.
  • On Wednesday I did winged eyeliner with my pink lips (bottom row left) and I actually loved the liner. I even had a male coworker tell me he liked the “swoops” on the sides of my eyes. HA!
  • I tend to stray from orange but it really is the most flattering color for my skin tone. Friday’s makeup (bottom row middle) was my favorite. I did some great smudgy eyeliner in a deep chocolate brown with milk chocolate cheeks and a shimmering orange lip.
  • When I make an effort I feel a little bit prettier. Silly but true.

To get details on the colors I used and to get larger images feel free to go to my Flickr Set for details in the photo descriptions. Is there something you think I should try? Let me know in the comments!

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