Monday’s Manicure

DSCN1426Over the holiday break I was digging through my stash of polishes looking for colors I may not have swatched for the sight when I stumbled upon my Rescue Beauty Lounge Recycle. I picked up Recycle when I had a LaMer manicure at Rescue Beauty Lounge in February during NYC Fashion Week (ahh…what a dreamy wonderful time that was for me). How I has skipped over this color, I just don’t know.

As usual, my love for RBL polishes runs deep. Although the polish is a bit on the pricey side at $18 a bottle, I have never come across a nail polish formula that was so perfect, colors that were so unique or polish wear that lasted so wonderfully. As a green fanatic, this deep green is perfection. It’s not so dark that it appears black and it’s a deep enough green that it seem so wild or wacky on your nails. To me, this color is absolute perfection and totally worth the $18 price tag. Seriously.

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