Maghound Revisited

Remember last year when I told you how magazines make me happy and I introduced you to Maghound? Well, I wanted to revisit it and let you know how I feel about it a few months after the fact.

I kind of love it even more. It’s allowed me to explore and fall in love with magazines I wouldn’t have subscribed to be before, but now I realize I have to. My favorite current obsession, Cooking Light magazine.
cooking lightI am on a very tight budget due to budget cuts and my second love, cooking, has had to play a major part in making my budget work. No more dinners or fast food just because I’m being lazy. I also have to admit, this has helped me lose some weight too so that’s a good thing. This week I’ve planned my entire shopping list off of recipes in Cooking Light and I have yet to be disappointed. I love this magazine! I may even have to start sharing some of my favorite recipes and photos because I’ve been super obsessed lately. I’ve also learned to love Harper’s Bazaar and Elle – two magazines that previously never made it into my stack of must haves or must subscribe too.

If you’re looking for a great way to explore what’s out there, definitely get a Maghound subscription, you just might fall in love with something new too.

0 thoughts on “Maghound Revisited

  1. I’ve definitely thought about signing up to MagHound. It sounds like they have some awesome magazine titles and since I’m getting into the habit of cooking at home more as a money-saving and weight-loss effort, a cooking magazine would be perfect. I’ll definitely check it out!

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