What I Want Wednesday | ModCloth Sequin Leggings

leggingsSince I finally gave in and accepted the leggings trend, I now want more and more leggings (especially since I’ve been losing weight…YAY! ME!). I’ve given in to the trend because lately I’ve needed comfortable clothes that still look good and nothing beats a pair of elastic pants, sad but true. So if I’m going to stick with this trend I want to take them to the next step and get the ModCloth Sequin-tially Essential Leggings.

I think these instantly say I’m ready to party, no other accessories needed! I’d totally wear these with a white tunic, black ankle booties and a long strand necklace or a big cocktail ring for a bit more fun. But really, sequins on your bottom half are pretty fantastic. And if I wanted to wear them casually (because I totally would), I’d pair them with a casual button down shirt with a Tshirt underneath and a pair of Chuck Taylors and I’d be good to go.

Sparkle makes me happy, so why not indulge in it? What do you think, would you wear them?

0 thoughts on “What I Want Wednesday | ModCloth Sequin Leggings

  1. You’ve totally inspired me to rethink leggings. I’m a curvy girl and have steered clear of this trend, but I love the way you said you would pair it with ankle boots and a cocktail ring or long necklace. I love it! Thanks for opening my eyes to a possible new trend for my body shape.


    • Rethink them. I’m curvy (I’ve got hips and butt) but with the right tunic you can camouflage any parts you don’t like and just have long lean looking legs 😉

  2. Leggings are awesome! It took me a long time to be converted since I’m curvy girl. But what changed it for me was a trip to Ireland where all the women….curvy included love leggings. It’s such and easy thing to put on with a tunic no girl should go without at least one pair in there closet!

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