Friday’s Fabulousness

Today is a different Friday for me. Today’s fabulousness isn’t something you can buy or covet. Instead it’s something I’m so very happy to have – YOU.

Since I came back from my holiday break I just haven’t been my normal blogging self. It happens but this slump was a bit different for me. I had a terrible, no good day and have been a bit blue. For the last five weeks my family has been dealing with my Dad being suddenly very sick and that terrible day was a day of bad news with my Dad AND in my professional life (I could really go for the economy to have an upswing right about now…) – it was just a double whammy that sucked everything I had out of me on that day. But I told myself that if that day was my lowest point, everyday forward was going to be better…and it has been. This Monday my Dad had surgery and his future is looking way more optimistic than I think any of us thought it was going to be just a few short weeks ago and I am so optimistic, hopeful, and grateful for all the blessing and love my friends and family have sent his way and my way too.

In bad times I try to find the good, so I don’t bury myself in a deep dark hole and you, my readers, blogging buddies, friends and family helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Those of you who have never met me and those that know me and love me left me kind comments, uplifting tweets and some of the most encouraging emails and text messages I’ve ever gotten. And some of you didn’t even have a clue what was really going on to make me so blue!

Thank you for being there. I am forever grateful. thanks

After a long emotional week of hospital visits being so happy that my Dad is alive, I realized that what has kept me afloat this week was all of you. You are my fabulousness that kept me going when I was on empty, that distracted me when I was sad, that made me laugh when I thought I couldn’t or didn’t want to. So from me to you, here is a huge cyber hug {{{YOU}}}

But I need to ask you to do me one more favor…make sure you tell your family how much you love them today and everyday after that. Okay? And if you didn’t know by now, I love you.


0 thoughts on “Friday’s Fabulousness

  1. Best. Post. Ever! I’m happy too about how everything has turned out. Can’t wait to see you at some point in 2010. Continue to keep us posted!

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