2010 Beauty Challenge: Week 2

week2Week 2, I’m surprised I’ve kept this going now but I’m proud that I’m challenging myself everyday. So what did I try this week? In order from top row right to left:

  • I was reading Instyle and saw an ad with very colorful multicolored eye shadow. I decided to try it myself and I used a bright green, royal blue ad purple eye shadow across the lid. I also used blue mascara for fun and I did a sheer pink lip and gloss to keep the color going but not make the lips too overpowering.
  • I was feeling a bit purple and used a lilac shadow across the lid and went with a fairly neutral pink on the lips. I’d definitely do this a lot for spring.
  • One of the most eye opening things for this week was using a shimmering silver shadow. I hadn’t done that in a while and I loved how it made my eyes really pop and seem bright and alive. I also lined my lids with a darker charcoal grey shadow and did a glossy pink lip.
  • A deep berry lip required simple eye makeup. Just a bit of mascara and some blush, nothing too fussy.
  • I also went pink and sparkly with a great pink/purple lip liner topped with a really sparkly pink gloss. That meant just mascara and a pop of pink blush – my favorite!

To get details on the colors I used and to get larger images feel free to go to my Flickr Set for details in the photo descriptions.

So what do you think of last week’s looks? And what did you do last week?

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