Multiples = Love | Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge

DSCN1716I’ve added a new category to the blog, Multiples = Love. I know that when I love something I buy it in as many shades, textures, prints, colors as I can get my hands on. One of the first that I should put in this category is my love of Lesportsacs, but from now on you’ll know if I have multiples of it, it’s a DWJ staple!

I’ve been asked a few times in the last 2 weeks, what blush I’m wearing. I will admit, I have about 5 different brands that I rotate through, but lately I’ve been obsessed with my Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges. I own Raspberry, Chocolate Cherry, Milk Chocolate and Calypso Coral (they no longer sell). I change my blush based on my mood, what I’m wearing and how it can compliment my makeup. For example:

  • Raspberry: I wear this color the most because it’s a sheer bright pink that gives me a wonderful flush of color. It helps perk up my complexion in the winter and compliments my summer tan beautifully.
  • Milk Chocolate: I wear this color when I’m doing a bold eye or bold lip and feel like I want a bronze cheek without the shimmer or shine to distract from the rest of my makeup. It’s a great neutral to help add a bit of depth to my look.
  • Chocolate Cherry: I wear this when I’m going a bit bold or really want to show a strong flush of color.
  • Calypso Coral: This is my summer/spring staple. I love the sheer peach shade and how it compliments my skin tone. It’s great with gloss and simple makeup.

I think I’ve been obsessed lately because in the winter I love a great creamy cheek color to combat any skin dryness or maybe it’s just because they make me happy. Do you have something your obsessed with?

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