What I Want Wednesday | Steve Madden Melin

shoes_iaec1210055I blame Twitter for this what I want this Wednesday. Specifically I blame my Twitter soulmate, @theb_word, Brandy for showing me the Steve Madden Melin. (Brandy and I realize we love a lot of the same things AND I love the fact that she works for Shoes.com).

This is a sassy little oxford. I love my high heeled oxfords that I’ve had for the last 2 years but I know that flat oxfords are going to be a huge trend for the next year. I haven’t been in love with the flat black or dark brown pairs I’ve seen, only the ones with great colors or textures are grabbing my attention and these silver metallic ones are exactly that little bit of pizazz that I’ve been searching for.

Whether I wear them with a skirt and black tights or add a little oomph to my jeans and a white T-shirt, these are the pair that I want, need, and must have. So are these too wild for you? Or are they right up your alley?

15% off at Shoes.com with code SNOW

0 thoughts on “What I Want Wednesday | Steve Madden Melin

  1. Eat. Pray. LOVE.

    “I want you/The right way/I want you/And I want you to want me tooooooo/Just like I want yooooooooooou.” — Marvin Gaye

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