Friday’s Fabulousness

Happy Friday everybody! I am so happy that it’s the weekend, despite the fact that we’re supposed to get more snow in DC on Saturday. I’m really ready for spring to have sprung. And in keeping with a new level of positivity, I want to tell you what I’m happy about this Friday (and you can always feel free to share with me too). This week I’m happy for:

  • The days getting longer. I love that it doesn’t look like it’s midnight when I leave work at 5pm. I was starting to get the winter blues.
  • Having the house to myself yesterday so I could sing at the top of my lungs while I was cooking and believe that I sounded like Christina Aguilera (it’s the little things you know).
  • BlackBerries that work. After 30 days of hell with 3 BlackBerry Storms I finally got a BlackBerry Tour and I feel like I’m back to normal.
  • Inspiration. I finally got a great flow of inspiration and have started the VDay Guide that I will unveil on Monday. WOOHOO! Be prepared for a lot of love.
  • Endless possibilities. Right now I just feel like I have a lot of possibilities and I’ve got make the right moves/decisions to make sure I get to live a life that I love.

Ok, so that’s what I’m happy about this week. Oh and I’m pretty ecstatic about the new Apple iPad but I’m pretty sure it will be a What I Want Wednesday next week. This Friday, I’m talking about something I stumbled upon during my lunchtime strolls. Tokyo Milk bath and perfume products.
milkThey are a perfect blend on odd, beautiful and fragrant all mixed into one. I love the Bubble Bath jars and I was completely smitten with the Octopus Large Bubble Bath No. 14. How quirky and cool would this be in your bathroom or guest bathroom. Every bottle that I smelled in store was fragrant and light and wasn’t heavily perfumed. Perfection for a great bubble bath and something that I’ll have to add to my shower very soon.

Have a fantastic weekend and don’t forget to enter my 2nd Blogging Birthday contest for your own Bare Escentuals!

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