Caress Evenly Gorgeous

DSCN1490I got a bottle of Caress Evenly Gorgeous from the folks at Caress in November to review. I popped it in my shower and used it everyday until there was nothing left as of last week. I’ll be honest, I use a million different body washes, never finishing a bottle before something else tickles my fancy. I didn’t stray from Caress Evenly Gorgeous for the last few months, I’ve been that in love with it.

Why? Well, it includes exfoliation into my daily shower routine. In the winter, exfoliation is a key step in keeping my skin soft and smooth but let’s be honest sometimes I’m too lazy to add another step to my shower routine. I just want to get in and out and call it a day. Evenly Gorgeous has burnt brown sugar and karite butter so I feel like I get to slough off the rough stuff daily but I’m not left feeling dry or itchy. Added bonus, it smells amazing. My husband asked me what I was washing with and if I could continue because I smelled so yummy. Who doesn’t want to hear that compliment?

Honestly, between this body wash and my Vaseline Sheer Infusion lotion, I’ve had the best skin during a rough winter than I’ve had in a long, long time. And I love that it’s a drugstore buy, so I’m not shelling out $20 for a bottle of body wash. I’m definitely heading back to Target and picking up another bottle. I need to keep this winter skin routine going!

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