DIY: T-Shirt Scarf

Remember my Gift Guide in December? I featured a Necklush scarf. They’re fabric scarves that are made of multiple bands of fabric and can either be a scarf or a necklace. Sweet, huh? I adore the Necklush and would love to buy a Kelly green one but I am so on a budget that it’s not even going to happen anytime soon. So to my surprise, I came home to a box that had my own mint green Necklush-like scarf in it for me!

Salina, a reader and friend made me my own scarf after she read the Gift Guide. How cool is that?!

I heart green!

I heart green!

Of course I had to ask her how she made it so that I could do it myself. I HAD to know, it was just so fantastic! She made my scarf out of T-shirt/jersey fabric that (she sewed one end together so it was a continuous loop), but you can use a T-shirt. I suggest using a T-shirt that doesn’t have side seams, if you have two side seams you’ll have to cover two ends instead of just one.

The steps are pretty easy and I’ve got visuals (of course) to go along with it:

  1. Cut 1 inch strips starting at the bottom of your shirt working your way up to the arms. I used a rotary cutter but you can use a really sharp pair of scissors or fabric scissors. You want the cuts to be clean and even. I lined my fabric up with a T-square before I cut…but I’m that anal.
  2. Take each band of fabric and STRETCH! I would put one piece behind my neck and stretch it across my knees or even put it in the arch of my foot and stretch my leg out. You want to stretch it so the material curls up around the edges.
  3. Keep doing that to all of your strips and then line them up with the seam(s) matching.
  4. Take one of your bands of fabric that you’ve stretched and wrap it neatly around the seam(s).

Easy peasy! I was bored over the break and cleaning out my closet and I had a bunch of T-shirts from Target that were fading and I was going to get rid of, so instead of tossing them I made scarves! I sat in my bedroom and made six scarves and I ended up giving them away to my girlfriends. I loved it and I have been wearing my scarf constantly. THANK YOU SO MUCH, SALINA! {You’re a 5 star chick, LOL} Perhaps I’ll convince my girlfriends to send me a pic of them wearing their scarves so you can see my handiwork in action and send me your pics if you make one too {}. Definitely a fun DIY project to do, and I know you’ve got a T-shirt or two at home waiting for this project.

And don’t forget the NEW Gift Guide in time for Valentine’s Day:

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    • @Roni HAHAHAHA…well I’ve had the pictures up on Flickr for a while I just never got around to writing the post! Sometimes, I’m a bit of a lazy blogger 😉

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