Friday’s Fabulousness

It’s Friday and today I am at home snowed in with my husband. He’s working from home and I’m on Liberal Leave for the day due to the 14-24 inches of snow they’re anticipating the DC is about to get blanketed with. WOW. Didn’t we just go through this in December? It’s okay because I’ve got a fully stocked fridge, a few yummy recipes from Cooking Light and time on my hands.

So to start off, what am I happy about this Friday?

  • Snow Days: Yup, even though I’m an adult, there’s nothing better than not having to go to work because Mother Nature is having a field day on your city.
  • Breakfast Braids: This is a household favorite right now and by the time you read this post, I will have dug into mine already with a glass of early grey tea with milk. Yum!
  • FiOS TV/Internet: We recently switched over from DirecTV to FiOS in an effort to save some money (almost $300 saved when we bundled our cell phones, house phone, TV, and internet) and I don’t have to worry about my satellite going out in a snow storm. YAY!
  • The Lovely Guide: I’m happy that some of you will browse through the Lovely Guide while you’re snowed in and I’m happy that I’ve gotten such great feedback on it.

Okay, on to this week’s fabulousness! In honor of the cold and that Valentine’s Day is coming up, I thought I’d share something to up your kissability factor. lamerI had been holding on to a Bliss gift card that my sister gave me for my birthday in August and I wanted a treat in December. So I splurged and used my gift card to buy La Mer The Balm. I wouldn’t really think of buying myself $45 lip balm, but when I have a gift card I figure, why not? I’ve had a La Mer manicure before, so I thought why not treat my lips. And treat I did.

I have to say, after using this balm nonstop for the last two and a half months, my lips feel pretty soft and kissable. I love the light mint tingle to it, it’s not overly greasy or shiny. It’s hydrating and not waxy at all. It’s pretty great. So perhaps the more expensive balms DO make a difference!

I’m back to enjoying my snow day. Feel free to tweet me today if you’re snowed in too. Oh and I’ll announce the winner of my Bare Escentuals giveaway on Monday.

Happy Friday!

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