2010 Beauty Challenge: Week 5

week5Don’t forget, Valetine’s Day is around the corner! Check out my gift guide: The Lovely Guide for some great gift ideas.

Last week’s beauty challenge focused more on eyes than lips. I was really on an eyeliner kick last week and everyday I tried a different color liner paired with a softer lip.

Top to bottom from left to right:

  • I started off kind of light with just a shimmery brown shadow and purple/pink shimmer lipstick. It’s a Sephora Brand lipstick that goes on like a lip balm, one of my favorites.
  • I did do one bold lip this week with a Bare Escentauls Buxom lip in Shanghai. My Dad told me he liked my lipstick that day, a bold berry stain almost. He never mentions my makeup so I thought that was a pretty great compliment coming from him. I also lined my eyes in a deep purple liner that day too.
  • Black liner and pink lips. I tend to go darker on the liner when I know I’m wearing glasses.
  • I love this black chrome liner from L’Oreal. It glides on so smooth and is great if you want to line the inner rims of your eyes too. I paired it with the Sepohra lipstick again too.
  • I thought I’d toss in last week’s Naked photo. This is me without a stitch of makeup on!
  • This was my snow day chic look. I had to do a video about a favorite beauty look, so I glammed it up in all Bobbi Brown cosmetics and decided to play off of the dark blue sweater I was wearing and my jewels. I love a blue eye like and I smoked it out just slightly with a little Black Pearl Shimmering Cream Shadow and used my Pot Rouge in Raspberry to flush my cheeks. I kept the lips subtle with a bit of copper glitter lip balm. Definitely my favorite of the week.

Did you try anything new in your beauty routine last week? Let me know!

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