Tweet My Bag

tweetmybagtweetmystyleI’ve had a lot of time on my hands lately with two blizzards and 6 days trapped inside. The internet and Twitter have been my best friends for keeping the boredom away. Through a new follower, I stumbled on to Tweet My Bag, a site for handbag lovers where you can tweet pics of yourself with your favorite handbags and it’s the sister site to Tweet My Style, where you can tweet pictures of your outfits.

The internet is definitely buzzing with blogs of style diaries, so both of these sites seem like logical social media extensions to me. Well Tweet My Bag is being sponsored by Rebecca Minkoff and they’ll be featuring a Minkoff bag a day, along with 25% off discounts to users of the site who upload an image and share it on Twitter or Facebook. They’re also doing a weekly giveaway of a Minkoff bag to the most stylish and active user. Hey, I’m always down for an opportunity to win a free bag by a top accessories designer, aren’t you?

So I think I’ll have to tweet a few pics. I do have tons of handbags (probably over 75 right now…I think), so why not share my collection? Will you be checking this site out? Let me know!

0 thoughts on “Tweet My Bag

  1. I just saw this site the other day. I’ve got a million bags but have yet to sign up for Twitter. Is it all it’s cracked up to be?

    • It took me a while to warm up to Twitter but once you start following and engaging people it’ll make sense. Join! You can follow me @theaofa 😉

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