Wish List | HP TouchSmart Laptop

Monday at the IFB Conference they had a rep from Windows there giving demos on the HP TouchSmart tm2 Customizable Notebook PC. I’m notoriously known as being a Mac girl (I totally want an iPad) but ever since my HP Mini came into my life I’ve been slowly getting more comfortable with PCs. I’m not going to lie, when the rep gave me a demo I totally fell in love with the TouchSmart. Totally.

Even Mac folks have to admit, it’s pretty damn cool. A touchscreen laptop with a swiveling screen so you can hold it like a tablet to utilize the touchscreen even more. I also loved the ability to draw with it (you might have noticed these are the laptops used on Project Runway right now) and would totally love having the capabilities to have a digital sketchbook! I also got to check out Windows 7 and it’s definitely an upgrade from Vista. I love the way you can have multiple screens locked in so I can utilize 2 to 3 programs at once. The tech part of me was seriously drooling over this laptop (and was fuming when I didn’t win one) and I was totally surprised because it’s a PC.

Maybe it’s because my MacBook is 4 years old and my husband’s Dell is 6, but I’m totally in the market for a new top of the line computer and this might have to be it.

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