How I Organize My Makeup

DSCN1664 During the blizzard I decided to go through my lipsticks and clean up a bit. Throw out the old expired stuff, toss the things I haven’t swiped on in a while and put them back in order. And by order, I really mean order. My friends know that I like things organized, it brings me joy to clean up a messy space even if it’s not mine (unless it’s my husband’s mess because he should really know better). Since I review lots of products and because I have always loved makeup, my makeup organization techniques have grown and evolved. I remember when I was 13 I got the largest mint green Sassaby for Christmas. I thought it was glorious! It was three tiered with storage compartments for my lip glosses and 1 lipstick I owned and it held all my hair stuff. It was the beginning of years of beauty storage (I actually held on to that Sassaby through college) from Sassabys to train cases, to my current method of Snapware Containers.
I sort my lipsticks by color: reds/wines, berries, pinks, lavender/clear/black, corals/orange, and nudes. I have tons of makeup and for me, grouping the lipsticks and glosses in color families makes it easy to find and helps me when I’m trying to achieve a certain makeup look. When I had a long bathroom counter with double sinks (Oh…I miss those days) I used to have long acrylic lipstick containers so I could stand them all upside down and see the color names. I quickly outgrew that container too. Sigh…

At least with these Snapware containers I can stack them to save counter space and I can add more levels when my collection grows! They’re easy to clean and very easy to to take with me if I’m doing someone’s makeup. So how do you organize your makeup? You might not have this much, but your stash is definitely just as important and needs to be taken care of.

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    • @Roni so you’re a MAC girl? I’ve never been totally dedicated to just one brand although I love Bobbi Brown and Bare Escentuals a lot and if I could I would have Three Custom create an entire custom palette/kit for me if I could afford it!

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