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So this is my guy, KBJ, handsome right? I may have turned my husband into a bit of a monster in the 10 years we’ve been together. He’s just as accessories obsessed and skin care obsessed as I am. I knew I rubbed off on him when I heard him talking to one of his boys about his skincare routine! When he said, “I saw what you were washing your face with and if you want to save your skin, you might want to get a separate soap for your face…” I knew he was just as bad as me. He’s also a cologne aficionado (he ALWAYS smells amazing) and has been exploring and trying to find a signature scent. Oh and did I mention he’s hooked on shoes and watches too?

In addition to my husband, I’ve got a father who is quite dapper himself and has been asking me why I don’t feature men’s products more. So for my Dad, and with the help of KBJ, I’ll be adding a few men’s reviews to The Art of Accessories.

Perhaps you have a father, husband, boyfriend or even male best friend that might want/need a few tips on skincare or picking accessories for himself. I’m hoping to use posts in The Art of Man series to help fill a void for men readers. I’m also hoping to interview some of the other guys I know about their favorite products and accessories that help them create their signature style because I’ve got some seriously stylish men in my life.

So anticipate this new feature starting soon, we’ve got several products that we need to discuss! And if there’s something you want me to cover, definitely let me know in the comments!

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  1. I look forward to reading this. If Kenny is looking for a scent you should get him the fragrance sampler from Sephora. I got it for Adam last year and he loved it. You get 12 samples and a certificate for one full size bottle once you pick your scent.

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