Greenwich Letterpress Cards

word up My girlfriend HKR gave birth on January 1 to a beautiful baby boy. Oh, he is just a doll and after all the snow I couldn’t wait any longer to see him, so I popped over for a visit the day before Valentine’s Day. I was so excited to finally meet baby BAR that I brought him a small Valentine, a card and a little onesie. My visit was delightful, a few snuggles and kisses and that lingering baby smell all day. Awww…I just loved it.

I was so delighted when a few days later I got the coolest Thank You card from baby BAR that said Mad Props on it! Above is the Off The Hook Card by Greenwich Letterpress and the Mad Props and SIKE cards are done in the same style just different colors. With the world going digital, hand written thank you notes are like finding a unicorn in your backyard! I love it when folks still send notes of thanks or even just a little letter in the mail because everybody loves getting something other than a bill! To me it’s a dying art and I try even when people win prizes here on the blog or I’m sent something nice from a company or a PR group to send a handwritten thank you card. You don’t have to, you could just as easily send an email, but you should. A handwritten note shows someone that you stopped and took a minute to say thank you and even bought a stamp!

Greenwich Letterpress has quirky and fun note cards that make saying thank you even easier. Just grab yourself a box of cards and then you’ll always have them on hand when you want to show your gratitude.

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