Zip & Dry Apron

apron You know I’ve been cooking up a storm lately, so I was super excited when I was flipping through Cooking Light yesterday and I saw the Zip & Dry Apron! It’s an apron with a terry cloth towel that zips to the bottom of the apron. I don’t have to keep slinging a towel over my shoulder (worrying that it could slip off my shoulder when I’m standing my the stove).

I like gadgets that make cooking and cleaning easier and this is such a smart idea. It’s one of those products that I think, “why did I not think of this?!” I’ve realized I’m in the market for a new apron too (my old Ikea one is pretty yucky at this point) and this apple green would go very nicely in my colorful kitchen.

What’s your kitchen staple that you love?

0 thoughts on “Zip & Dry Apron

  1. I LOVE this! I never used to wear an apron in the kitchen, but over the last year mine has become my best friend and I can’t do anything in the kitchen without it. I need this one! 🙂

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