Beauty Challenge : Week 6

week 6 And I’m back on the Beauty Challenge! My nose is no longer red from my cold so I was back to my normal beauty routine. I was happy this week because my skin seemed clearer than normal, it was freaky clear so I ran with it. I didn’t do much beauty wise because I wanted my skin to glow and I used a peachy toned blush very sparingly.

I did a lot of glossy lips last week. The top left photo was my Monday look and I did a very cool multicolored eye with pink and purple shadow. That was about as jazzy as I got that week other than my very kissable red pout.

I’m working on changing up my daily routine so I don’t do the same boring thing everyday but sometimes it’s just so easy to swipe on pink gloss and a neutral eye shadow.

I did want to answer a question/address a beauty thing that I think everyone should have in their makeup kit – a neutral eye shadow with a bit of shimmer that matches your skin tone. Whenever I watch What Not To Wear, Carmindy always says she’s sweeping a vanilla shade across the eye…that obviously doesn’t work for me. My staple eye shadow is Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Eye Color in Pussycat, it is a soft and sheer glimmering brown that I use as a base for most of my looks unless I’m going very matte. I’ve got several neutral browns, but this one is one of my favorites (I love loose colored shadow).

I’ll put detailed descriptions in the images on the Flickr set.

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