Wish List | KG by Kurt Geiger Hadassah Clog

clogs I have been a loud and proud clog wearer my entire life (I wasn’t too proud when my Dad enjoyed clogs as well…but hey, he’s part of that era). Perhaps I get my clog obsession from my Dad but even when clogs weren’t in, I was still rocking them. They’re comfy and so cute to me and NOW they’re on trend for this year (whatev – I’m not bitter). I’ve steadily had a pair of clogs in rotation since I was 15 but this is the first time I’ve ever fallen in love with such an insane pair.

I am totally obsessed with the KG by Kurt Geiger Hadassah Clog. There’s a massive platform, there’s a slingback, there’s lacing…it’s like 3 different shoes in one. Don’t even get me started on the gorgeous cement grey color that would go with EVERYTHING I OWN! I could totally see these paired with a great pair of colored tights (I have burgundy on the brain) or worn all spring and summer long with dresses.

The bad news is they’re insanely expensive (they’re in pounds so you know that pricing against the dollar stinks) and they’re out of stock. The odds are stacked against me to have these beautiful babies. I’m sad but I know that the price is what should hold me back anyway…sigh.

So is anybody else excited about the return of clogs other than me? Anyone? Bueller?

0 thoughts on “Wish List | KG by Kurt Geiger Hadassah Clog

  1. You know I’m all excited the clog is now “IN” (I knew we were both oh so cool for liking the clogs/bogs you posted about awhile back!) I too have been rocking clogs since the age of 15. I purchased my first pair of shoes at that age which just so happen to be a brown suede pair of simple clogs! I adore clogs…I could go on and on about them! :- D

  2. You and me both! Those KG Hadassah clog/pumps are gorgeous! I would so love a pair! But what actually frustrates me more than the price is the fact that they’re only available in the UK. Last time I felt like this about a pair of British shoes (from Irregular Choice, if you’re interested) I had to call in a favor from a friend who was heading to Bristol to visit family over the Christmas holidays. He let me use his British debit card (I couldn’t even purchase the things with my US card!) and then I had them shipped to his folks and so he could bring them back in his luggage. I was so afraid TSA was going to seize them for God knows what reason. Anyway, they arrived safe and sound, and now I’m racking my brain trying to think if I know anyone else who’s in England or Ireland right now.

    Anyway, GORGEOUS shoes. Wish I could at least try ’em on even if I’m not sure I could afford them right now. Thanks for posting them. I feel your pain.

    And by the way, you might enjoy making a visit to my “clog blog”, Every Clog Has Its Day. Nothin’ but clogs and wood soled shoes. Hey, if you can’t buy, you can at least look!

    • @Lindsey I will definitely give your site a look. I’m a big clog lover and can always appreciate it when someone else gives clogs a bit of love 🙂

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