Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises & Me

I’m not a gym addict and I haven’t lost my goal of 50 pounds (and that is a realistic goal…I’m a very curvy girl) but I get that I have to put my fitness first in my life if I want to live long and have babies at some point. In the fall I got hit with a 10% pay cut at work and then after Christmas I got hit with another 10% pay cut (yes that means I’m 20% down…) and when my husband and I sat down and did our budget we decided that a gym membership was our splurge and the one thing we needed to focus on despite not having all the income we previously had. Believe me, I’d love to have my income back but I’m glad it helped us focus and really budget and plan for the future. Since extra splurges and purchases really aren’t in my budget, I have to think carefully about what I buy and why but getting the Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises was an easy decision to make. My husband has the men’s health version and I have the women’s and they go through every single exercise you could imagine and help you break down your exercise routine based on your goals.

I think I finally got to that point where I exercise and I like it. I exercise and I actually feel good afterward. I choose to exercise when I’m upset instead of eating a huge plate of hot french fries (because french fries always make me feel better) and this book is hopefully going to help me take my exercise goals to the next level. I want to keep this good momentum going and I need a way to change my routine up. There’s always the option to try the best diet pills, but I’m going to keep that as a last resort if this fails.

What I’m loving about this book:

  • It’s like having a trainer. Seriously. I already enjoyed the magazine but this book is all about creating the best workout plan to fit your goals.
  • They write it so you can understand the concepts and why you need to do certain exercises.
  • They don’t make you feel like you have to have a gym membership and they tell you what you need in a home gym to really make the program work for you.
  • The pictures explain each exercise and they’re clear and you will actually understand it.

For me this is a great reference, and I’m happy I added it to my library. I have a gym membership because I’m honestly too lazy to work out at home on my own but you can do it on your own. Now I will also admit, I bought this book at Border’s on my lunch break along with my first Cadbury Egg of the season…I even TwitPic’d it and Women’s Health Magazine {@womenshealthmag on Twitter} told me they weren’t judging me. It’s all in moderation, right?

Anybody else have any great fitness goals for 2010? Share! Help me stay motivated!

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