Friday’s Fabulousness

Wednesday night I got excited because the Gap tweeted starting March 5th if you bring in a pair of jeans you’ll get 30% off a pair of their jeans. WOOHOO! I’m down to a single pair of jeans that fit right now (thank you Target for $24 jeans that fit fabulously) and I’d like to add another pair of nice jeans to my wardrobe. Seriously, my pants selection is getting pretty slim.

Since I had denim on the brain, I also decided that the Aldo Given Necklace was something that deserved a fabulousness shout out.
denim necklace
I don’t always live in sparkle filled statement jewelry, but I definitely love larger pieces of jewelry and this is such a fun and casual twist on the statement necklace. Plus, it’s a great twist on florals. When you think of floral you don’t always think of denim, right? So this is definitely something different but still fun and makes a great statement. I love when I stumble on great little pieces like this.

I’m off for the weekend, I hope you have a great one. See you back here on Monday!


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